Cisco Wireless

Cisco Wireless

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Cisco Aironet AIR-AP1832I-F-K9

802.11ac Wave 2; 3x3:2SS; Int Ant; F Reg Domain..

Rp. 5,996,000

Cisco Aironet AIR-AP1852I-F-K9

802.11ac Wave 2; 4x4:4SS; Int Ant; F Reg Dom..

Rp. 8,996,000

Cisco Aironet AIR-AP2802I-F-K9

802.11ac W2 AP w/CA; 4x4:3; Int Ant; 2xGbE F..

Rp. 13,596,000

Cisco Aironet AIR-CAP1702I-F-K9

802.11ac CAP; 3x3:2SS; Int Ant; F Reg Domain..

Rp. 6,750,000

Cisco Aironet AIR-CAP2702I-F-K9

Cisco Aironet 2700i Access Point: Indoor environments, with internal antennas802.11ac CAP w/C..

Rp. 10,350,000

Cisco Wireless Controller AIR-CT2504-25-K9

2504 Wireless Controller with 25 AP Licenses Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controller-based acc..

Rp. 56,850,000

Power Injector AIR-PWRINJ5=

Power Injector (802.3af) for AP 1600, 2600 and 3600 w/o mod The Cisco Aironet Power Injecto..

Rp. 1,855,000

Power Injector AIR-PWRINJ6=

Power Injector (802.3at) for Aironet Access PointsThe single-port PoE injector provides up to 30 Wa..

Rp. 1,955,000