Rack IBM 7953-94X System 42U PureFlex

Rack IBM 7953-94X System 42U PureFlex
Part Number7953-94X
DimensionHeight: 2015 mm (79.3 in) with standard ac power Width: 600 mm (23.6 in) with side panels Depth: 1100 mm (43.3 in) with front and rear doors Weight: 187 kg (412 lb) (Empty rack with doors and side panels)
FEATURESFeatures• Recirculation prevention plate that is installed at the bottom, front of the rack.• Stabilizer bracket that is installed at the front of the rack.
WEIGHTWeightWeight: (Empty rack with doors and side panels): 187 kg (412 lb)

An IBM PureFlex System edition will be shipped in an IBM PureFlex 42U Rack. As of April 2012, placing other Power Systems or Power I/O drawers or chassis in an IBM PureFlex 42U Rack has not been tested/certified by IBM Development/Test organizations.

The IBM PureFlex 42U Rack (7953-94X) differs from the IBM 42U enterprise rack (7014-B42 or 7014-T42) in several aspects. Both provide 42U of vertical space, are 1100 mm deep, and have an interior rail-to-rail depth of 715 mm. But the IBM PureFlex 42U Rack is 600 mm wide where the B42/T42 is 645 mm wide with side covers. For clients with 2-foot floor tiles, the extra 45 mm (1.77-inch) width of the enterprise rack can sometimes cause challenges when cutting holes in the floor tiles for cabling. On the other hand, the 45 mm exterior width translates into about 25 mm (1 inch) more working space inside the B42/T42 enterprise rack and can be helpful with additional space for cords/cables.

The B42/T42 is structurally a 36U rack with an additional 6U extension bolted on the top. The 6U extension can be removed if needed to allow the rack to be moved through shorter doors or elevators. The PureFlex 42U Rack is one unit and cannot be shortened.

The B42/T42 has side pockets holding up to four optional 1U PDUs, where the PureFlex 42U Rack can hold up to six optional 1U PDUs. The PDUs supported in the PureFlex 42U Rack are the feature numbers 7188, 7109, 7189, and 7196. These are the same PDUs as offered with the B42.

The B42/T42 is made of heavier steel and supports more weight (70 pounds versus 50 pounds per 1U or 31.7 kg versus 22.7 kg per 1U) though this is probably not a concern in most situations. The B42/T42 has an optional ruggedness feature which allows cable tie downs to the floor and extra stiffening in the rack. B42/T42 clients in earthquake-prone areas often order this feature. The PureFlex 42U Rack does not offer this feature.

The locks used on the B42/T42 and PureFlex 42U Rack are identical and are sourced from the same lock vendor.

The rear door heat exchanger or RDHX available on the PureFlex 42U Rack can remove about twice the heat as the RDHX available on the B42/T42 (30,000 kW versus 15,000 kW).

The PureFlex 42U Rack Rack has both top and bottom egress ports and has been tested and certified with these four ports. There are two egress ports on the top: one at the front and one at the rear. Likewise there are two egress ports on the bottom, one at the front and one at the rear. The B42/T42 supports bottom egress.

The B42/T42 and PureFlex 42U Rack all have a maintenance charge after warranty. The B42/T42 has a 1 year warranty. The PureFlex 42U Rack has a 3-year warranty. 
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